A library and server implementation for managing Loopback Projects.

npm install loopback-workspace
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Loopback Workspace

Each Workspace manages a directory of Loopback Projects for a user, team, or organization. Workspace can be used either programmatically, or through a built-in REST interface.

Running the REST server

After cloning the Workspace repository, run the following:

node workspace --root `~/my-loopback-workspace`

Of course, this example assumes the repo is cloned at ./workspace, and that the desired root directory for projects is ~/my-loopback-workspace. Please make any appropriate changes for your own use.

Using Workspaces programmatically


Extending the Workspace

New factories can be added to Workspace through the factories directory of. When a new Module is added to a Project, the type parameter of the body is used to determine which factory to load, by name. For example, if there's a factory named app installed, a new Module from the following body would use that factory:

  "name": "MyModule",
  "type": "app",
  "port": 5050

Each factory consists of a legal Node module that exports a Function. That Function should extend the Factory interface that Workspace provides, extending render() and dependencies() as necessary. (Otherwise, that would be a very body Factory, indeed.)

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