API documentation generator plugin for hapi

npm install lout
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API documentation generator for hapi

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lout is a documentation generator for hapi servers, providing a human-readable guide for every endpoint using the route configuration. The module allows full customization of the output.

lout requires that the plugin is granted the 'routes' and 'views' permissions.

The following options are available when registering the plugin:

  • 'engines' - an object where each key is a file extension (e.g. 'html', 'jade'), mapped to the npm module name (string) used for rendering the templates. Default is { html: 'handlebars' }.
  • 'endpoint' - the path where the route will be registered. Default is /docs.
  • 'basePath' - the absolute path to the templates folder. Default is the lout templates folder.
  • 'cssPath' - the absolute path to the css folder. Default is the lout css folder. It must contain a style.css.
  • 'helpersPath' - the absolute path to the helpers folder. Default is the lout helpers folder. This might need to be null if you change the basePath.
  • 'auth' - the route configuration for authentication. Default is to disable auth.
  • 'indexTemplate' - the name of the template file to contain docs main page. Default is 'index'.
  • 'routeTemplate' - the name of the route template file. Default is 'route'.


var Hapi = require('hapi');
var server = new Hapi.Server(80);

    your routes...

server.pack.require('lout', function() {
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