Supporting your backbone since 2011, Lumbar is a module build system that allows for generation of platform specific javascript modules.

npm install lumbar
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Lumbar is a js-build tool that takes a general codebase and list of platforms to generate modular platform specific applications.

Quick Start

npm install -g lumbar

See thorax-seed for an example project.

Grunt Plugin

var port = 8000,
    publicDir = './public',
    lumbarFile = './lumbar.json';


  server: {
    base: publicDir,
    port: port
  lumbar: {
    // performs an initial build so when tests
    // and initial open are run, code is built
    build: {
      build: lumbarFile,
      output: publicDir
    // a long running process that will watch
    // for updates, to include another long
    // running task such as "watch", set
    // background: true
    watch: {
      background: false,
      watch: lumbarFile,
      output: publicDir

grunt.registerTask('default', 'lumbar:build server lumbar:watch');


See release-notes for release history.

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