Long expires cache buster plugin for Lumbar

npm install lumbar-long-expires
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Lumbar Long Expires Plugin

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Lumbar plugin that provides long-expires resource loading for lumbar modules.


To enable this plugin a long-expires key must be defined on the root lumbar config object. The value of this key is the process that is executed to generate expires cache busting key. This could be a unique id from source control such as the git commit sha, a timestamp, or any other value that will be unique on each build.

When in watch mode this value is cached until the configuration is changed. It will only update when a complete rebuild is done as a result of changing the config file or restarting the watch.


The following example uses the current git SHA as the unique token.

      "modules": [],
      "plugins": ["lumbar-long-expires"],
      "long-expires": "git rev-parse --short HEAD"


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