Websocket client for the Maia architecture.

npm install maia-client
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Maia Javascript Client (Node.js+Browser)


This is the implementation of a node.js client for Maia, a new evented and agent-oriented architecture. The server uses websockets for communication between the different nodes, as it is focused on providing lightweight clients in any platform, including web browsers. The server implementation can be installed via npm:

npm install maia-server

This application is under heavy development, so try it and get in contact with us so we can improve it.

There are several example clients for different languages in our repositories, and this server also offers a javascript client in the browser that serves as a logger and tester.

Installation instructions

You can clone this repository directly, or simply install via npm.

For more information, contact us through:


Maia is a result of the work for the Web 4.0 project.

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