makdoc internal templete plugin for makdoc

npm install makdoc-ab
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ab template engine for makdoc

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install makdoc-ab

If you want include your source files into document, do like this in your document:

[{(include '/src/lib/your-source.js')}]

Then you have to append '.ab' extenstion:

If you want to include some lines, tell range of lines:

[{(include '/src/lib/your-source.js#L16-32')}]

Path started with slash('/src/lib/your-source.js') is from project root directory. Without slash('your-source.js') is from document root. 'your-source.js' is the same with '/src/docs/your-source.js', when document root is 'src/docs/'


Copyright (c) 2013 makdoc Licensed under the MIT license.

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