Manage is a light weight asset manager.

npm install manage
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Manage is a simple, light weight asset manager, tailored for web development. The functionality is very limited, but at the same time very useful. What Manage does, is automatically concatenate and minify Javascript and CSS on file change. This means that you can fire up Manage, and trust that when you hit that refresh button, your assets are automatically up to date.

Future Features

At the moment, i'm looking into adding simple templating, so that you simply add a token where you want your style and script bundle to appear, and Manage will automatically replace the token with the appropriate html tags.

How To

It is very simple. Install Manage through npm: npm install -g manage

Then create a manage.json file in the root of your project. Here is an example that fits the testcase folder:

    "buildPath": "build/",
    "styles": {
        "prerequisites": [
        "app": [
        "output": "app.min.css"
    "scripts": {
        "prerequisites": [
        "app": [
        "output": "app.min.js"

Then you simply run manage from a command line by invoking manage.

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