OMeta grammar for Markdown.

npm install markdown-ometa
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A Markdown processor in OMeta. This fork focuses on making an npm module out of the original editor demonstration.

Example Usage

    md = require('markdown-ometa'),
    util = require('util')

var testString = '# Big Header\n\
## Sub Header\n\
### Sub Sub Header\n\
This *is a* paragraph, _really_. You must\n\
use **double** new lines to separate\n\
the paragraphs\n\n\
like this.\n\n```\nvar and = plus("Here\'s some code.")```\n'


function init(){
    console.log(testString) // print the Markdown before it's processed
    console.log(util.inspect(md.parse(testString), { depth: 5 })) // print the processed Markdown


  • Josh Marinacci (original author)
  • Page @Page-
  • Felix Breuer
  • krilnon (this fork)

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