Simple static file server utility

npm install marmalade
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Marmalade is a simple static file server utility. Marmalade is also a sweet breakfast or desert food commonly served on toast.

To install:

> npm install -g marmalade

Then in the root directory of your project (or the files you want to serve):

> marmalade

You'll get something like this:

> marmalade
Serving files in ~/my-website/ 
Kill the server with 'marmalade kill'

Marmalade will detatch itself from the shell, so you don't have to worry about keeping that xterm window open. By default, only one instance of marmalade will run at a time, so starting a new server will close the previously started one.

The coolest feature of marmalade is that it will look for a Makefile (or Gruntfile) in the root directory and will run it with each request for the target file. This way you don't have to start 'watch make' in a background process whenever you start working on your project. If make fails, marmalade will return the failure text rather than the requested file.


marmalade [option] [hostname] [port]
marmalade kill [all]

-s, --stay  don't detatch from the shell
-e, --exec  custom command to execute with each request
-m          don't close existing intances of marmalade
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