Martel is a micro framework to help you prototype out your site ideas.

npm install martel
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This is early and may be buggy. I haven't tested it completely so consider this very alpha!

Martel is a micro framework built on NodeJS to help you prototype out your site ideas. Using Martel is as simple as creating a jade template file and then accessing it directly from the browser. Your template will be rendered and delivered back to the browser.

Creating a prototype in Martel means you don't think about URL routing, ORMs or frameworks. You only worry about creating a great frontend experience. The purpose is to hash out quick ideas and concepts before you even focus on the nitty details.


npm install -g martel

Hello World Project

Run the following below commands:

  • martel create test_project
  • cd test_project
  • martel start

Open browser to http://localhost:3000/index.jade

If all goes well you should be welcomed by a "Hello World". Feel free to edit the templates and css/js files to your liking. Since Martel uses nodemon you can continue to edit your files and the server will auto reload on it's own!


Martel is built on the consolidate-build module and as a result supports a wide variety of template engines. For a complete list review the links below:


Martel comes with a command line tool to setup and start your project.

martel create <output directory> Creates a template project directory

martel start Starts the node server from your project directory

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