Simple Object Query Language

npm install matchme
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Match Me

This is an experimental library that will allow object matching based on a simple query language plus chainable function interface.

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Simple Example

Matching is done at an object level against object properties, e.g.

var test = { name: 'Ted', age: 40 };

matchme(test, 'name == ted'); // true
matchme(test, 'age > 25'); // true
matchme(test, { caseSensitive: true }, 'name == ted'); // false
matchme(test, 'name == ted && age > 45'); // false

In addition matchme can be used in conjunction the filter function (both the native JS implemenation or underscores):

var people = [
    { name: 'Ted', age: 40 },
    { name: 'Bill', age: 42 }

people.filter(matchme.filter('age > 40')); // [ { name: 'Bill', age: 42 }]

For more complicated examples, I'd recommend having a look at the tests (which run from both the browser and node).

A Note regarding Eval

In general, the use of eval is considered evil. I have avoided using it for many, many years. That said matchme makes use of eval to simplifying the parsing required to properly deal with complex expressions (BOMDAS, etc).

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