NodeJS Megaplan API

npm install megaplanjs
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Megaplan client module for NodeJS

A NodeJS library to work with API

Provides a class that implements Megaplan authentication and request signing. Only supports POST requests. The complete API documentation is at:

At first you need to install library

npm install -l megaplanjs


To auth using a password:

var megaplan = require ('megaplanjs');
var client = new megaplan.Client('').auth('me', 'pass');
client.on('auth', function (res, err) {
    // store res.access_id, res.secret_key if you need these (see below)
    console.log('authenticated', res, err);

    client.tasks().send(function (tasks) {
        console.log(tasks); // a lot of results
    }, function (err) {

To use tokens:

var megaplan = require ('megaplanjs');
var client = megaplan.Client('', access_id, secret_key);
client.tasks().send(function (tasks) {
    console.log(tasks); // still a lot of results
}, function (err) {

Data requests

Look index.js for information. It's pretty simple to use


Code originally written by Alexej Yaroshevich under the MIT License.


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