Approximate geodesic distance for triangulated meshes

npm install mesh-geodesic
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Computes the geodesic distance to all vertices in a triangulated mesh from a given starting vertex.


First install using npm:

npm install mesh-geodesic

Then call it as follows:

var bunny = require("bunny")
console.log(require("mesh-geodesic")(bunny.cells, bunny.positions, 0))

require("mesh-geodesic")(cells, positions, initialVertex[, maxDistance, tolerance, dual])

Computes the geodesic distance to an initial vertex. Takes the following arguments:

  • cells: The cells of the mesh
  • positions: The positions of the mesh
  • initialVertex: Index of the starting vertex
  • maxDistances: (Optional) The total distance to travel to find all points. If not specified, is set to Infinity
  • tolerance: (Optional) Accuracy of distance field. (Default 1e-4)
  • dual: (Optional) Topological dual of mesh. Can be computed using require("simplicial-complex").dual

Returns an object containing the distances to all vertices from initialVertex


This package was written back when I first started learning JavaScript, and probably has several bugs. It is also very slow and uses the outdated vows test harness (whereas if I were to do it again today, I would use tap). Nonetheless, it still should compute geodesics for you to some (low) level of accuracy.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License

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