npm install mesures
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Exposing key/value over HTTP as a JSON, even in real time.

Write value on a socket, with nc or other low tech tool. Read it with curl.

Try it

In a terminal


You can specify a config file as first argument. Have a look at conf.json

In an other terminnal

echo "answer 42" | nc localhost 8124

In a browser


Event source :

First event a dump, followings are new values.


First event is a complete dump, following by a simple key/value for each modifications.

Install as a service

Install the application globaly :

npm install -g metricsd

An init.d script is provided

sudo useradd --system --user-group metricsd

Put a nice Nginx in front, it will handle the port 80 for you.


Each modules can access to the state object (in read/write mode) and register url patterns.


Set key over a socket, with a minimalistic syntax.


Remember old values with a capped list.


Fetch metrics from /proc folder.


  • √ expose stack as JSON over HTTP
  • √ set value over a socket
  • √ expose values as Server Sent Event
  • √ homepage with some javascripts.
  • √ registerable modules
  • √ config file
  • _ backup JSON file for crash proof
  • _ not only GAUGE, add COUNTER type


GPLv3. © Mathieu Lecarme.

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