Microbenchmarks with NodeJS

npm install microbenchmark
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Microbenchmarks for NodeJS

What is a microbenchmark?

A microbenchmark is a tiny program or routine that attempts to measure the performance of a "small" bit of code. These tests are typically in the sub-millisecond range. The code being tested usually performs no I/O, or else is a test of some single, specific I/O task.



This module has been written to compare tiny functions performance. For instance, if we want to compare the peformance of some ways to convert a string to an integer number, we can write the following:

var microbenchmark = require('microbenchmark');
var bench = microbenchmark.compare({
    'parseInt': function() {
        return parseInt('23.4', 10);
    'bitwise': function() {
        return '23.45' | 0;
    'Math.floor': function() {
        return Math.floor('23.44');

Alternatively we can run every function to compare more than once, adding a second parameter to compare() function. The following will run 1000 times every function.

var bench = microbenchmark.compare({...}, 1000);
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