npm install middleware-condition
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if-else statement as a middleware

condition = require 'middleware-condition'

# the condition is dependant on the state
# in this example we use this simplified conditions
alwaysTrue = (req) -> true
alwaysFalse = (req) -> false

# this would be a useful condition
isLoggedIn = (req) -> req.session?.user?

log = (msg) -> (req, res, next) -> next console.log msg

http.createServer sequenz [
    condition alwaysTrue log('this middleware is executed'), log('this middleware is ignored')
    condition alwaysFalse log('this middleware is ignored'), log('this middleware is executed')
    condition alwaysFalse log('nothing is shown and the next middleware is executed')
    (req, res, next) -> req.end()
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