Mirate oracle to mysql.

npm install migrate-oracle-to-mysql
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Mirate oracle to mysql.

How to Install


npm install migrate-oracle-to-mysql


git clone https://github.com/iamdenny/migrate-oracle-to-mysql.git


  • It's really important. You should set up these variables
  • '/opt/instantclient' is the installed directory of Oracle Client
export OCI_INCLUDE_DIR=/opt/instantclient/sdk/include
export OCI_LIB_DIR=/opt/instantclient
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/instantclient
export NLS_LANG=American_America.AL32UTF8

How to use

Make tables schema on Mysql same as tables schema on Oracle first.


var Mom = require('migrate-oracle-to-mysql');
var htOracle = {
    sHostname : '',
    sUser : 'username',
    sPassword : 'password',
    nPort : 1527,
    sDatabase : 'database or sid'
var htMysql = {
    sHostname : '',
    sUser : 'username',
    sPassword : 'password',
    nPort : 3306,
    sDatabase : 'database',
    bDebug : false
var oMom = new Mom(htOracle, htMysql);

oMom.on('connected', function(){
    // first arg : oracle query
    // second arg : mysql table name
    // third arg : truncate(delete data from mysql table)
    // forth arg : callback
    oMom.migrateByQuery("SELECT username, nickname FROM user",
      'user', true, function(htResult){
          console.log('First migration is done', htResult);

    oMom.migrateByQuery("SELECT group_id, group_name FROM group",
      'group', true, function(htResult){
          console.log('Second migration is done', htResult);

    oMom.migrateByQuery("SELECT article_idx, title FROM article",
      'article', true, function(htResult){
          console.log('Thrid migration is done', htResult);
}).on('done', function(htResult){
    console.log('All done', htResult);


node app.js
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