Transform an input stream to a single part of an overall multipart MIME message

npm install mime-part-stream
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MIME Part Stream

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Pipe data in to this transform stream and receive an encoded MIME part for a multipart MIME block.

npm install mime-part-stream

To use:

var mimePartStream = require('mime-part-stream');
  type: 'image/png',
  transferEncoding: 'base64'

When initialising a new stream, there are 2 options available in the options object:

  • type: this should be a valid MIME type eg. 'text/plain; charset=UTF-8' or 'application/pdf'
  • transferEncoding: base64 and quoted-printable are the 2 available options

Note that you should append '; charset=UTF-8' with any text/ MIME-types

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