A generic copy 'compiler' for Mimosa 2.0+

npm install mimosa-copy
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This is Mimosa's file copying "compiler". It is a Mimosa dependency and a default module as of Mimosa version 2.0.0.

For more information regarding Mimosa, see http://mimosa.io.

For more information about this module, see the copy section of the Mimosa configuration docs.


Some files, for instance CoffeeScript, have specific compilers that are responsible for transforming input text (the watch.sourceDir in mimosa-config) to output text (the watch.compiledDir in mimosa-config).

This is a generic file copier for the Mimosa build tool serves as the "compiler" for files that do not need transformation. This simple module makes the output text for a file the same as the input text.

Default Config

  extensions: ["js","css","png","jpg","jpeg","gif","html","eot","svg","ttf","woff","otf","yaml","kml","ico","htc","htm","json","txt","xml","xsd","map","md","mp4"]
  • extensions: the extensions of files to copy from sourceDir to compiledDir. js/css, images, etc.
  • exclude: List of regexes or strings to match files that should not be copied but that you might still want processed. String paths can be absolute or relative to the watch.sourceDir. Regexes are applied to the entire path.
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