Lightweight deployer for node development, inspired by mina and minco

npm install mina
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Mina NPM version


A simple deploy tool inspired by mina, based on minco. This project is powered by node, forcus on quick and lightweight deployment and server automation over ssh for node projects.

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Make sure you have installed node.js including NPM

sudo npm install -g mina

Bash completion

Add this to your .bashrc, In this version only support bash

eval "$(mina completion=bash)"


# Create an example deploy.json
mina init

# Adjust it to your needs in deploy.json
    // Server to deploy to
    "server": "user@host"
    // Deploy to this dir on server
    , "server_dir": "/path/to/dir/on/server"
    // Git repository, only support git right now
    , "repo": "git@github.com:user/repo.git"
    // If you have more than one project in your git repo,
    // e.g. "projects/project_luna"
    , "prj_git_relative_dir": ""
    // Branch to be checkout and deploy
    , "branch": "master"
    // If remove git cloned directory then git clone again,
    // default is false
    , "force_regenerate_git_dir": false
    // Directories of your project in this array will use a
    // symbolic instead create every time when run deploy
    , "shared_dirs": ["node_modules", "db"]
    // How many release snapshots keep away from auto cleanup,
    // default is 10 if not presents
    , "history_releases_count": 10
    // Run customize scripts before run
    , "prerun": [
      "npm install",
      "npm test"
    // Start run your project
    , "run_cmd": "npm start"

# Deploy
mina deploy

# Or, indicate deploy config file
MINA_CONFIG=deploy_scripts/to_dev.json mina deploy
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