mineflayer plugin to build or break blocks to get to a certain point

npm install mineflayer-scaffold
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A library to help your mineflayer bot get to a specific point, even if it has to dig or build to get there.

YouTube Demo

See https://github.com/superjoe30/mineflayer/

This plugin depends on mineflayer-navigate.


var mineflayer = require('mineflayer');
var navigatePlugin = require('mineflayer-navigate')(mineflayer);
var scaffoldPlugin = require('mineflayer-scaffold')(mineflayer);
var bot = mineflayer.createBot();
bot.on('chat', function(username, message) {
  if (username === bot.username) return;
  var target = bot.players[username].entity;
  if (message === 'come') {
    bot.scaffold.to(target.position, function(err) {
      if (err) {
        bot.chat("didn't make it: " + err.code);
      } else {
        bot.chat("made it!");
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