AJAX storage plugin for Mio.

npm install mio-ajax
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Provides an AJAX storage plugin for Mio.


Using bower:

bower install mio-ajax

Using component:

component install mio/ajax


var User = require('mio').createModel('User');

  .attr('id', { primary: true })

The example above would expect the following API:

GET      /users       // Return a JSON list of all users.
POST     /users       // Creates a new user. Returns JSON of that user.
DELETE   /users       // Destroys all users.
GET      /users/id    // Return a JSON user object.
PUT      /users/id    // Updates existing user. Returns JSON of that user.
DELETE   /users/id    // Destroys user.

Defining Alternative Routes

You can specify alternative routes by passing in a second optional argument to mio-ajax.

The default urls look like:

var urlMap = {
  index:   '',
  count:   '/count',
  create:  '',
  show:    '/:primary',
  update:  '/:primary'
  destroy: '/:primary',

Override them if needed:

User.browser(require('mio-ajax')('/people', {
  show:    '/:username',
  update:  '/:username',
  destroy: '/:username'

This would make it so that the following routes were used:

SHOW    ->  GET /people/:username
UPDATE  ->  PUT /people/:username
DESTROY ->  DEL /people/:username

Retrying requests

You can use the retry function passed to the ajax error event to retry requests.

User.on('ajax error', function(err, retry) {
  if (err.status == 401) {
    refreshAccessToken(function(token) {


ajax request

Emitted before XHR request is sent.

User.on('ajax request', function(req) {
  // req is superagent request object
  req.set('Authorization', 'Bearer 13a9-34b3-a8da-c78d');

ajax response

Emitted after the XHR request is complete.

User.on('ajax response', function(res) {
  var users = res.body.results;
  // Convert JSON string dates into actual dates
  users.forEach(u) {
     u.registeredAt = new Date(u.registeredAt);
  res.body = users;

ajax error

Emitted on XHR error and 4xx or 5xx responses, with an Error as the first argument and a retry function as the second argument.

If executed, the retry function will retry the request and execute the original callback once the request is complete. If a new callback is supplied to retry() then that will be used when the retried request completes.

User.on('ajax error', function(err, retry) {
  if (err.status == 401) {


Special thanks to Ryan Schmukler and Matthew Mueller for code used in mio-ajax taken from modella-ajax.

MIT Licensed

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