MySQL storage plugin for Mio.

npm install mio-mysql
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MySQL storage plugin for Mio.


npm install mio-mysql


See the Mio documentation for query methods like find, save, etc.

exports(settings, options)

Create a new Mio mysql plugin with the given database settings and options.

settings same as settings for node-mysql


  • tableName The table for this model. Defaults to singularized model name.
  • maxLimit The maximum number of records to select at once. Default is 200.
var mio = require('mio');

var User = mio.createModel('User');

User.use('server', 'mio-mysql', {
  database: 'mydb',
  user: 'root'


The query syntax is a subset of mongo-sql. The type, columns, and table properties are handled by mio-mysql.


Both offset and limit, and page and pageSize query parameters are supported.

The collection returned by Model.findAll() has pagination properties on the array:

User.findAll({ page: 1, pageSize: 25 }, function(err, users) {
  // => [user1, user2, user3, ...]

  // => 73

  // => 3

  // => 1

  // => 25

  // => 0

  // => 25

Custom table names

Custom table names are specified using the tableName option. For example:

  database: 'mydb',
  user: 'root'
}, {
  tableName: 'users'

Custom column names

Custom field names are provided by a columnName property in the attribute definition. For example:

  .attr('firstName', {
    type: 'string',
    length: 255,
    columnName: 'first_name'
  .attr('lastName', {
    type: 'string',
    length: 255,
    columnName: 'last_name'

Date types

Attributes with type: "date" will be handled based on the columnType property. This property can either be "datetime", "timestamp", or "integer", corresponding to MySQL column type. If not specified, mio-mysql will assume "integer".

Data formatters

If you need to control exactly how a data-type is determined, set the attribute definition's dataFormatter function:

var Event = mio.createModel('Event');

Event.attr('date', { dataFormatter: function(value, Event) {
  value = Math.floor(value.getTime() / 1000);
  return value;

Query timeout

Queries have a default timeout of 60000 milliseconds. If the query takes longer, the connection will be destroyed and the callback executed with Error("Connection ended due to query time-out.").

To change the query timeout, set settings.queryTimeout to the desired value.

Database connection

mio-mysql utilizes node-mysql's connection pool.

Models that share a settings object will share a connection pool, exposed via settings.pool.

var settings = {
  database: 'mydb',
  user: 'root'

// Both User and Post models will share the same connection.
User.use('server', 'mio-mysql', settings);
Post.use('server', 'mio-mysql', settings);

// => node-mysql connection pool object...


MySQL module.


Tests are written with mocha and should using BDD-style assertions.

Run the tests with npm:

npm test

MIT Licensed

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