Mirador runs automatically your mocha tests when any file in the project changes.

npm install mirador
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Mirador runs automatically mocha tests when any file in the project changes.


Use npm to install globally Mirador

npm install -g mirador


Mirador needs mocha, of course, to run your tests.

A further version will be able to accept any test engine.

In addition to mocha, Mirador needs watch module in order to track changes on your project.


Just run mirador in the root folder of your project.

Any time your save your work, mirador triggers the tests. Just see your terminal to see the passing and failing tests.

To quit, just use ^C in your terminal.


I'll appreciate all kind of contribution.

Would like to fix a bug, improve the code or add a feature? Please, do it the right (ordered) way:

  • Fork Mirador
  • Clone the forked version on your computer
  • Create a new (well named) branch
  • Do the fun job locally
  • Commit (with a good explicit message) your job
  • Push it to your forked project
  • Pull request a merge
  • Take a coffee!




Hassen Taidirt < htaidirt@gmail.com >

Much appreciate follow @htaidirt.

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