Yet another mongodb facade.

npm install mniam
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Yet another mongodb native driver facade. Takes care of:

  • mongo URI parsing
  • opening and closing DB connections
  • opening collections

Install by running

npm install mniam


database(url, [options])

Connect to database mniam-test and create friends collection with index on name field.

var db = database('mongodb://localhost/mniam-test'),
  friends = db.collection({
    name: 'friends',
    indexes: [[{ name: 1 }]]

Mniam is using MongoClient to establish the connection: full mongo database URLs are supported. The database function also takes a hash of options divided into db/server/replset/mongos allowing you to tweak options not directly supported by the unified url string format.

var db = database('mongodb://localhost/mniam-test', {
  db: {
    w: -1
  server: {
    ssl: true

Add a new documents:{
  name: 'Alice',
  age: 14,
}, function(err, item) {
    console.log('Item id:', item._id);


Update a document:

friends.findAndModify(item._id, {
  $set: { age: 15 }
}, function(err, item) {
  console.log('Alice is now:', item.age);


Remove a document:

friends.remove({ name: 'Alice' }, function(err) {
  // last collection closed closes DB connection

Other collection methods supported

  • collection.geonear
  • forEach
  • collection.findOne
  • collection.update



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