helpers for mocha, when using coffee-script and Q

npm install mocha-sprinkles
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These are a few small helpers for mocha, that simplify your test boilerplate if you use coffee-script and Q.

Each function is intended to be a mixin for a unit test, so for example, if you have a test like this:

it "adds numbers", ->
  (2 + 2).should.eql(4)

you can add each helper as a wrapper around the test function, like this:

it "adds numbers", future ->
  Q(2 + 2).then (sum) ->

The helpers


Wrap a test function that returns a future. Mocha's done hooks are attached to the future so that the test doesn't complete until the future is resolved.

it "waits 100 ms", future ->


Wrap a test function so that it runs inside a temporary folder. The folder's name is passed as the first parameter, and the test is expected to return a future. When the future is resolved, the temporary folder is deleted (along with any contents).

This function requires future also, since the cleanup is attached to the result future.

it "creates a file", future withTempFolder (folder) ->
  fs.writeFileSync("#{folder}/new-file", "hello!")

exec(command, options)

Execute a program as a future. The parameters are passed to child_process.exec as-is and a future is returned. If the exec is successful, the future is resolved with an object with these fields:

  • process: the process object
  • stdout: the stdout buffer
  • stderr: the stderr buffer

If the exec fails, the future is rejected, and the error object will have those three fields added to it.

it "runs echo", future ->
  exec("echo hello").then (result) ->
    result.stdout.should.match /hello/


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