mod_status for Node

npm install mod_status
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mod_status for Node

Simple express/connect middleware to provide an "apache-like" /status.html page.


npm install mod_status


var express = require('express'),
    status = require('../lib/index.js');

var app = express();

    url: '/status',
    version: true,
    uptime: true,
    check: function(req) {
        if (req.something == false) {
            return false; //Don't show status
        return true; //Show status

console.log('Go to:');


  • url - The URL to respond to, defaults to /status.html
  • version - Show the Node.js version in the output. Default: false
  • uptime - Show the uptime of the process in the output: Default: false
  • text - Provide custom response text, will override all the above. Default: null
  • check - A function to check the request to see if the status page should be shown. Default: returns true to always show

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