Friendly error messages for modella

npm install modella-friendly-errors
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Because what the hell does PC Loadletter mean?

Example Usage

var User = modella('User') .attr('password') .attr('passwordConfirmation', { friendlyName: 'Password confirmation'})


// In reality a validator would probably do this, but for sake of demo... var u = new User(); u.error('password', 'can not be blank'); u.error('passwordConfirmation', 'must match password');

u.friendlyErrors() // => // [ { attr: 'password', message: 'can not be blank' }, { attr: 'passwordConfirmation', friendlyName: 'Password confirmation', message: 'must match password'} ]

u.errorMessages() // => // [ 'Password can not be blank', 'Password confirmation must match password' ];

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