locate a module, immediately returning a read stream for file data

npm install module-stream
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given a module name X and a current path Y, return a readable stream that outputs the contents of the resolved path to X (if possible!)

var locate = require('module-stream')

locate('my-module', __filename)
  .once('resolved', function(p) { console.error(p) })


locate(module_name, current_file_path, [extensions]) -> read stream

return a readable stream looking for module_name (e.g., my-module, ./relative-module, my-module/path/within).

if the path is resolved relative to the current file path, a 'resolved' event will be emitted with the new path, and the stream will have a non-null path attribute. immediately afterward the stream will start emitting data events.

  • current_file_path should be a path to a file, not a directory.

  • extensions should contain the leading .: .js, .html, etc, etc.

  • extensions may be a string (in which case only one extension will be attempted), an array (in which case each extension will be tried in order), or not provided, in which case it'll be assumed to be .js.

resolved_stream.resolve(other_path) -> read stream

resolves a stream relative to the current resolved stream.



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