Timezone plugin for Moment.js.

npm install moment-timezone
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Timezone information for moment.js.

After cloning repo

git submodule update --init

Updating timezone info

git submodule update

sudo zic tz/africa
sudo zic tz/antarctica
sudo zic tz/asia
sudo zic tz/australasia
sudo zic tz/europe
sudo zic tz/northamerica
sudo zic tz/southamerica

grunt zdump
grunt zones

grunt test



  • fix double loading issue introduced in 0.0.5


  • #39 improve performance with memoize
  • #46 publish only necessary files to npm
  • #53, #61, #70, better handling of timezones around DST
  • #41 support browserify
  • #71 fix cloning zone-d moments
  • #73 add method
  • #74 prevent double loading


  • added bower support
  • support newer versions of moment
  • construction with string and zone respects zone
  • added more links and timezone names in moment-timezone.json
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