Basic schema for mongodb

npm install mongo-schema
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Basic schema for mongodb. Can be used on server and client! NOT STABLE YET!!!

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install mongo-schema

var mongoSchema = require('mongo-schema');
var re = mongoSchema.check(yourDataToCheck, yourSchema);

 if(re.errors.length === 0){
  // schema did not throw any errors! YEY!
  console.log(; // the new data that fits the schema
 } else {
   console.log(errors); // returns where there was an error


$ bower install



coming soon


See the tests for more examples!

var numberSchemaTest = {
  successTestNumber1: 123,
  successTestNumber2: 123,
  convertTestNumber: "456",
  failTestNumber1: "34a",
  failTestNumber2: [],
  failTestNumber3: {},
  failTestNumber4: null,
  failTestNumber5: undefined,
  failTestNumber6: "asdf" * 2 // NaN

var numberSchema = {
  successTestNumber1: Number,
  successTestNumber2: Number,
  convertTestNumber: Number,
  failTestNumber1: Number,
  failTestNumber2: Number,
  failTestNumber3: Number,
  failTestNumber4: Number,
  failTestNumber5: Number,
  failTestNumber6: Number,
  failTestNumber7: Number

  it("should leave only success and converted numbers and return no errors", function (done) {
      var re = schema.check(numberSchemaTest, numberSchema);
      var data =;
      var errs = re.errors;
      assert.strictEqual(errs.length, 0);
      assert.strictEqual(data.successTestNumber1, 123);
      assert.strictEqual(data.successTestNumber2, 123);
      assert.strictEqual(data.convertTestNumber, 456);
      assert.strictEqual(data.hasOwnProperty("failTestNumber1"), false);
      assert.strictEqual(data.hasOwnProperty("failTestNumber2"), false);
      assert.strictEqual(data.hasOwnProperty("failTestNumber3"), false);
      assert.strictEqual(data.hasOwnProperty("failTestNumber4"), false);
      assert.strictEqual(data.hasOwnProperty("failTestNumber5"), false);
      assert.strictEqual(data.hasOwnProperty("failTestNumber6"), false);
      assert.strictEqual(data.hasOwnProperty("failTestNumber7"), false);


Copyright (c) 2014 Paul em. Licensed under the MIT license.

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