Extension for node-mongodb-native that allows to add hooks on write operations, such as create, update, remove

npm install mongodbext
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This is extension for node-mongodb-native that imports patched collection object and allows to add hooks on write operations, such as insert, update and remove


npm install mongodbext


Create collection with exported Collection constructor and add hooks on it. Hook accepts object variable and callback function. Content of variable is depended on the hook type, also afterHook varible contains all fields from beforeHook variable:

  • beforeInsert and afterInsert:
    • objs: array of inserted objects
    • options: options for insert
  • beforeUpdate:
    • condition: selector for objects which should be updated
    • modifier: object for modifying objects
    • options: options for update
  • afterUpdate:
    • count: count of object that have been updated
    • obj: only for findAndModify operation. Object before or after update (depends on field)
  • beforeRemove:
    • condition: selector for objects which should be deleted
    • options: options for remove
  • afterRemove:
    • count: count of objects that have been removed
    • obj: for findAndModify operation only. Object before remove operation

More information about how hooks work can be found on mhook documentation page


var Client = require('mongodb').MongoClient,
    Collection = require('mongodbext').Collection,

// establishing connection with mongo
Client.connect('mongodb://localhost:27017/mongodbext_example', function(err, db) {
    testCollection = new Collection(db, 'test');

    // add field c with random number to all inserted objects
    collection.on('beforeInsert', function(params, callback) {
        var objs = Array.isArray(params.objs) ? params.objs : [params.objs];
        objs.forEach(function(obj) {
            obj.c = Math.random();

    // and remove _id fields from all inserted objects
    collection.on('afterInsert', function(params, callback) {
        params.objs = {
            delete obj._id;
            return obj;

    collection.insert({a: 1, b: 1}, function(err, objs) {
        objs[0]._id; // should be undefined
        objs[0].c; //should be random number
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