Given a Mongoose model and an array of URI params, construct a query for use in a search API.

npm install mongoose-api-query
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If you use Mongoose to help serve results for API calls, you might be used to handling calls like:


mongoose-api-query handles some of that busywork for you. Pass in a vanilla object (e.g. req.query) and query conditions will be cast to their appropriate types according to your Mongoose schema. For example, if you have a boolean defined in your schema, we'll convert the eats_humans=true to a boolean for searching.

It also adds a ton of additional search operators, like less than, greater than, not equal, near (for geosearch), in, and all. You can find a full list below.

When searching strings, by default it does a partial, case-insensitive match. (Which is not the default in MongoDB.)


Apply the plugin to any schema in the usual Mongoose fashion:


Then call it like you would using Model.find. This returns a Mongoose.Query:


Or pass a callback in and it will run .exec for you:

Monster.apiQuery(req.query, function(err, monsters){...


t, y, and 1 are all aliases for true:


Match on a nested property:


Use exact matching:


Matches either kale or beets:


Matches only where kale and beets are both present:


Numeric operators:


Combine operators:


geo near, with (optional) radius in miles:

/monsters?page=4&per_page=25         // per_page defaults to 10
Sorting results

Do you have a property defined in your schema like data: {}, that can have anything inside it? You can search that, too, and it will be treated as a string.

Search Operators

This is a list of the optional search operators you can use for each SchemaType.


  • number={all}123,456 - Both 123 and 456 must be present
  • number={nin}123,456 - Neither 123 nor 456
  • number={in}123,456 - Either 123 or 456
  • number={gt}123 - > 123
  • number={gte}123 - >= 123
  • number={lt}123 - < 123
  • number={lte}123 - <=123
  • number={ne}123 - Not 123
  • number={mod}10,2 - Where (number / 10) has remainder 2


  • string={all}match,batch - Both match and batch must be present
  • string={nin}match,batch - Neither match nor batch
  • string={in}match,batch - Either match or batch
  • string={not}coffee - Not coffee
  • string={exact}CoFeEe - Case-sensitive exact match of "CoFeEe"


  • latlon={near}37,-122,5 Near 37,-122, with a 5 mile max radius
  • latlon={near}37,-122 Near 37,-122, no radius limit. Automatically sorts by distance

To run tests

node load_fixtures.js
node app.js



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