Mongoose plugin adding created and modified fields to a schema

npm install mongoose-createdmodified
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About mongoose-createdmodified

mongoose plugin that adds created and modified fields to a mongoose schema.


npm install mongoose-createdmodified



var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var createdModifiedPlugin = require('mongoose-createdmodified').createdModifiedPlugin;


var SampleSchema = new Schema({
SampleSchema.plugin(createdModifiedPlugin, {index: true});
var SampleModel = db.model("SampleModel", SampleSchema);


mongoose = require 'mongoose'
createdModifiedPlugin = require 'mongoose-createdmodified'.createdModifiedPlugin


SampleSchema = new Schema
SampleSchema.plugin createdModifiedPlugin, {index: true}
SampleModel = db.model("SampleModel", SampleSchema)

Bugs and pull requests

Please use the github repository to notify bugs and make pull requests.


This software is © 2012 Marco Pantaleoni, released under the MIT licence. Use it, fork it.

See the LICENSE file for details.

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