Flexible automatic API generation for Moongose and Express

npm install mongoose-express-api
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Mongoose Express Api

Flexible automatic API generation for Moongose and Express


  • Unobtrusive mix routes into Express apps.
  • Quick setup.
  • RESTful ready to use default implementation with CRUDL (create, read, update, destroy and list) actions and JSend responses. list action supports complex queries through moongose-api-query.
  • Setup middlewares to secure api and intercept requests.
  • Choose which models to map and actions enabled to them.
  • Flexible Interface: you can change everything, modifing actions and response formats, or replace the whole implementation to use different protocols or action sets.
  • Automatic documentation generation.


npm install mongoose-express-api

or specify it as a dependency in package.json

"dependencies": {
  "mongoose-express-api": "*"

and then run npm install in your project root.


Basic usage

MongooseExpressApi = require("mongoose-express-api");

api = new MongooseExpressApi();

api.mount(app, "/api");

Filtering models

api.resources(mongoose.models, { skip: ["Admin"] })

Specifying allowed actions

api.resources(mongoose.models, {actions: ["read", "list"]})

Adding a single model


Adding a single model filtering actions

api.resource(myModel, {actions: ["read", "list"]})

Extending implementation

impl = api.getImplementation();
impl.setResponder( myResponder );
impl.addAction( "search", searchAction );

Replacing Implementation

impl = api.setImplementation( myImpl );

Securing api and using middlewares


impl.use(authMiddleware, {if: function(action){
  return action.method != "get";

Generate Documentation

api = new MongooseExpressApi({ title: "My API", description: "This API is for ..", version: "1.0.0" });

api.mount(app, "/api");
api.mountDocumentation(app, "/api/docs");
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