Simple default data for mongoose models

npm install mongoose-simple-fixtures
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Simple default data for mongoose models.


mongoose-simple-fixtures takes a mongoose reference, and a path to the directory which contains the default data and an err-first callback. Each filename in the directory must correspond to the model name in mongoose.

For example, if you used the directory fixtures and it contained two files:

$ ls fixtures/
templates.json users.json

then mongoose-simple-fixtures would look for two models on the mongoose reference called templates and users. If those models do not exist, the data loading will fail.

// assuming a mongoose connection and models defined above
var path = require('path')
  , msf = require('mongoose-simple-fixtures')
  , dir = path.resolve(__dirname, "./fixtures")

msf(mongoose, dir, function(err, results) {
    if (err) console.log("loading data failed");

The callback receives a results array with objects. Each object has a name property with the name of the model and three numbers added, failed, and skipped indicating what took place. mongoose-simple-fixtures will not add duplicate data by attempting to find a record before the insertion. If that document already exists, the skipped count is incremented, if some odd error happens, the failed count is incremented, if the document is saved successfully, the added count is incremeneted.

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