RC but also can read config from MongoDB

npm install mongorc
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Read your rc config from MongoDB.


npm install mongorc


mongorc sits in front of rc and passes any config from MongoDB as a default. NOTE: this means that MongoDB config is lowest-precedent to rc.

var mongorc = require('mongorc')

mongorc(options, defaultoptions, callback)

var mongorc = require('mongorc')

var MONGODB_URL = process.env.MONGODB_URL || "localhost:27017/mydb"

mongorc({name:"myApp", configUrl:MONGODB_URL}, {foo:123}, function(err, config) {
  console.log("config:", config)

mongorc will also parse CLI arguments for you - similar to how rc itself will parse the --config argument.

CLI arguments:

--configUrl <mongo db url>

--configCollection <collection name> [default: "config"]

--configQuery <JSON-form mongo query>

Example of CLI arguments for an application using mongorc:

# read config from:
#   DB at localhost:27017/myapp
#   Collection name myconfig
#   Document matching query {name: "myconfig"}
node index.js \
    --configUrl localhost:27017/myapp \
    --configQuery '{"name":"myconfig"}' \
    --configCollection configuration`

Because mongorc sits in front of rc, all the standard rc configuration methods will still work. So --config flag, environment variables, CLI options, etc.


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