Monitors a pid and all its sons

npm install monitor-pid
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Monitors a pid and all its sons


npm install monitor-pid

Usage as a command line

npm install -f monitor-pid
monitor-pid --pid 5253 --period 5000

It will monitor the pid 5253 each 5 secondes and output the statistics on stdout.

Usage as a nodejs module

var MonitorPid = require('monitor-pid');

// creates an instance of MonitorPid
// - pid to monitor is 5253
// - monitoring will occure each 5 secondes
var mapp = new MonitorPid(5253, { period: 5000 });

// begin the monitoring

// received each time the pid tree has been monitored
mapp.on('monitored', function (pid, stats) {
  console.error('monitored', pid, stats);

// occurs when the monitoring is finished
// (no more pid or stop has been called)
mapp.on('end', function (pid) {
  console.error('end', pid);

// stop the monitoring after 50 secondes
setTimeout(function () {
}, 50000);
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