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npm install mqttbot
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MQTT bot for broker testing on CLI


# localhost

~ mqttbot -b 5 -t test mqtt://localhost

# CloudMQTT

~ mqttbot -b 10 -t test mqtt://

# Using WebSocket

~ mqttbot -b 2 -t test ws://localhost:8080/mqtt
~ mqttbot -b 2 -t test ws://
~ mqttbot -b 2 -t test ws://

# Timer interval option

~ mqttbot -b 1 -t test -i 1000 mqtt://localhost

# Prompt option

~ mqttbot -b 1 -t test -p mqtt://localhost
bot:0> connect to mqtt://localhost
bot:0> subscribe to test
bot:1> connect to mqtt://localhost
bot:1> subscribe to test
bot:0> waiting for connection
bot:0> has a connection
> it's for testing
bot:0> is sending it's for testing at 1390851918570
bot:0> got message(1/2) it's for testing at 1390851918570
bot:1> got message(2/2) it's for testing at 1390851918570
> waiting for message


  • -t, --topic [string] topic to publish on
  • -b, --bot [int] number of bots
  • -i, --interval [int] timer interval in ms between publications
  • -p, --prompt interactive prompt, without timer
  • -r, --random [min]-[max] random number message
  • -v, --version display the version
  • -h, --help print this help


MIT license

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