Tagged logging. Includes multi-streamed logging and filtering.

npm install multilog
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a fun and collateral way to print logs

Each statement you log is associated to a tag, and some tags can be associated to writable streams.

You can also file tags under other tags, so that all statements in a child tag are printed to the parent tag's writable stream!


var log = require('multilog');

You get the following functions:

  • log(tag, statement) function prints statement in tag channel.
  • returns a string of all logs in that tag.
  • log.pipe(parentTag, tag) makes all parentTag statements be on the tag channel.
  • log.tags(tagList, statement) prints statement on multiple tags.
  • log.flush(tag) clears all data stored in tag and its children.

There are two special tags, stdout and stderr, which directly flush their statements to the corresponding pipeline. All other tags are readable:

log('myTag', 'I have something to say');'myTag')     // 'I have something to say\n'


Thaddee Tyl © 2012-2013 released under Creative Commons License.

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