transform files and fields into a multipart/form-data encoded stream

npm install multipart-form-stream
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transform files and parameters into a multipart/form-data encoded stream


```javascript var MultipartStream = require('multipart-form-stream') , request = require('request') , stream ;

stream = new MultipartStream({ boundary: 'customMultipartBoundary' // optional });

// add a normal field parameter stream.addField('param1', 'value');

// add a file // addFile(field, path, [filename - defaults to filename in path]) stream.addFile('file1', '/path/to/file.png', 'thefile.png');

// add a stream // addStream(field, filename, mimeType, stream) stream.addStream('stream1', 'thefilename.png', 'image/png', imagestream);

// do something useful with this stream // let's pipe it to transloadit! // make sure you set the Content-Type header stream.pipe({ uri: '', headers: { 'Content-Type': 'multipart/form-data; boundary=' + stream.getBoundary() } }));

// enjoy streaming

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