An easy interface for sending data via the multipart/form-data protocol

npm install multipost
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Multipost: An easy interface for the multipart/form-data protocol


Multipost is easily installable via npm. Just run the following command:

$ npm install multipost

Or, if you'd like to install Multipost at the global level, at the global flag

$ npm install multipost -g

Quick Start

There are quick start examples found in the test directory. Here's a basic usage for uploading a standard form:

var multipost = require("multipost");

var postFields = [
            name: "field1", //Required
            value: "thisisfield1" //Required
            name: "field2",
            value: "thisisfield2"

var req = new multipost("", postFields); {


This module is released under the GPL.


Joe Wegner via WegnerDesign


Huge thanks to onteria_ for the wonderful information found in this post.

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