MultiRTC is an all-in-one demo application using RTCMultiConnection.js library. MultiRTC supports: 1. Multi-File sharing among multiple users! 2. Multi-screen sharing among multiple users; in multi-directions! 3. Audio and/or Video among multiple users; i

npm install multirtc
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MultiRTC / A Demo application for RTCMultiConnection.js!

  1. Source Code:
  2. Demo:
  3. RTCMultiConnection.js:

How it works?

  1. It opens WebRTC data connection same like Skype!
  2. Multiple users can join same room; text chat and share multiple files concurrently!
  3. Choose your own URL! Users from one room can't access data or join users from other rooms.
  4. Anyone can add any media stream any-time! Whether it is screen; or audio/video.
  5. An advance settings section allows you customize many RTCMultiConnection features in one place!

It is an All-in-One solution for RTCMultiConnection.js!

// Dependencies: 
// 1) (npm install
// 2) node-static (npm install node-static)

npm install multirtc

// to run it!
cd node_modules/multirtc/ && node signaler.js

Now, both and HTTPs servers are running at port 12034:


// or
var socket = io.connect('https://localhost:12034/');



RTCMultiConnection.js WebRTC Library is released under MIT licence . Copyright (c) Muaz Khan.

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