Use mustache, including partials, in Express 3

npm install mustache-express
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The Mustache Express

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Mustache Express lets you use Mustache and Express 3 together, including auto-loading partials.


var mustacheExpress = require('mustache-express');

// Register '.mustache' extension with The Mustache Express
app.engine('mustache', mustacheExpress());

app.set('view engine', 'mustache');
app.set('views', __dirname + '/views');


The mustacheExpress method can take two parameters: the directory of the partials and the extension of the partials. When a partial is requested by a template, the file will be loaded from path.resolve(directory, partialName + extension). By default, these values are determined by Express.


The return function has a cache parameter that is an LRU Cache.

var engine = mustacheExpress();
var cache = engine.cache; // Caches the full file name with some internal data.
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