Watches a directory for file changes and runs tests whenever they occur

npm install mxunit-watch
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Watch a directory for file changes. When a (.cfc, .cfm, .xml) file is changed, trigger an mxunit test suite run. Results displayed neatly in the console:

mxunit-watch in action


Requires NodeJS

The guts of this tool are powered by Node, and you'll be installing it from NPM.

npm install -g mxunit-watch

Requires MXUnit 2.1+

Unfortunately the only way to get this working was to make one tiny and non-malicious change to the MXUnit framework code.

Open mxunit.runner.DirectoryTestSuite and change this function from private to public (on or about line 44):

<cffunction name="getTests" access="private" output="false">

Add a CFM file to your project

mxunit-watch uses this file to get a listing of all of your test suites and the tests they contain:

    testsDir = expandPath('/your/project/tests');
    componentPath = 'your.project.tests';

    suite = createObject('mxunit.framework.TestSuite');
    files = createObject('mxunit.runner.DirectoryTestSuite').getTests(directory=testsDir, componentPath=componentPath);

    for (i = 1; i <= arrayLen(files); i++){

    tests = suite.suites();

    for (t in tests){
        tests[t] = tests[t].methods;
<cfsetting showdebugoutput="false" />
<cfcontent reset="true" type="application/json; charset=UTF-8" /><cfoutput>#serializeJson(tests)#</cfoutput><cfabort/>

This file is provided in the mxunit-watch repository (test-list.cfm), or you can just copy it from above. Save it to a web-accessible location in your project and note its URL, you'll need that later.

Let's go!

Now that you've installed mxunit-watch and saved your tests-list file. Let's auto-run some tests!

The CLI requires 2 arguments in order to run your tests:

  • -d or --dir should be set to the directory that you want to watch
  • -l or --list should be set to the URL of the test-list file you created
$ mxunit-watch -d /my/project -l http://localhost/my/project/tests/test-list.cfm
Watching for file changes. Get coding!

As the output says, it's now watching for changes. Any time you save a change to a .cfm, .cfc, or .xml file, your entire test suite will run.

Other options

  • -H [hostname] to set the hostname used to run tests
  • -h for help
  • -V for version
  • --debug will print out some debug information at startup
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