semver for n

npm install n-semver
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n-semver - semver for n

in node:

function fn(err, data) {console.log(data.versions, data.maxSatisfying)}

in the shell:


      n-semver <version-range> [args ...]
      n-semver-version <version-range>
      n-semver-npm <version-range>

  Example: execute foo.js with the node-version which max-satisfies '~0.8'

      n-semver ~0.8 foo.js -p 3000

  Example: print max-satisfying installed node-version for '~0.8'

      n-semver-version ~0.8

  Example: execute matching npm with the node-version which max-satisfies '~0.8'

      n-semver-npm ~0.8 install a-module-with-node-plugin

note: there is a fork of n which supports node@<0.8.6 (i.e. no official precompiled tarballs).

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