Improved typeof using an object's name

npm install nameof
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Rather than just the type of an object, get its name. typeof 42 is "number", just like one would expect, but typeof [] and typeof new Date are both just "object". nameof gets the true name of an object.


var nameof = require('nameof');

nameof(42); // "Number"
nameof([]); // "Array"
nameof({}); // "Object"
nameof(new Date()); // "Date"

function Happy () {
    this.youKnowIt = true;
nameof(Happy); // "Function"
nameof(new Happy); // "Happy"


Some custom objects, such as those created by anonymous constructors or the Revealing Module Pattern have no specific name.

var Clap = function () {
    this.yourHands = true;
nameof(Clap); // "Function"
nameof(new Clap); // ""

function Hokey() {
    function pokey () {
        return 'Turn around!';

    return {
        pokey: pokey
nameof(new Hokey); // "Object"


npm install --save nameof

In a source file, require the module and start using it.

var nameof = require('nameof');
nameof(function Shake() {}); // "Function"


Licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License, the full text of which can be read in LICENSE.

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