Parse natural language times ("in 10 minutes", etc.)

npm install naturaltime
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A simple natural language time parser for node.js using a naive bayesian classifier.


npm install naturaltime


var naturaltime = require('naturaltime');

var five_minutes_ago = naturaltime('5 minutes ago');
var in_five_minutes = naturaltime('in 5 minutes');
var a_year_ago = naturaltime('1 year ago');

// specify the start date
var a_year_and_a_week_ago = naturaltime('1 week ago', a_year_ago);

// create a parser
var parser = naturaltime.createParser({language: 'en-us'});
var parsed = parser.parse('2 weeks ago');
// => {units: 'weeks', amount: 2, relative: 'past'}
var date ='2 weeks ago');


  • the string you give naturaltime must have a decimal number in it
  • number matching is naive - if there are two numbers in your string, the first one will be extracted and used, not necessarily correct. So, just give us one number
  • naturaltime is not guaranteed to do things right. If you find a case that doesn't work like you expect, open an issue or fork the repo and fix it :)


naturaltime currently only understands US English. All that is needed for more language support is a training set for each new language. If you know a foreign language, please fork this repo and add it!

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