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npm install ncombo
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nCombo is an Open Source Node.js framework that allows you to easily build powerful, rich cloud applications. nCombo is distributed under the MIT license. Please see license_mit.txt for details. Visit for more information.

To install, run:

npm install -g ncombo

Once installation is complete, to create a new app in the current directory run (replace myapp with your app's name):

ncombo create myapp

To create a 'ncombo-samples/' directory containing sample apps use:

ncombo samples

nCombo offers several ground-breaking features:

  • It's efficient with server resources
  • It dramatically reduces development time
  • It lets you program in a single language (JavaScript)
  • Full duplex client-server communication (thanks to
  • Allows you to call server-side functions from your client-side scripts
  • Offers a simple webservice module which allows you to seamlessly interact with other nCombo applications
  • Allows your client-side scripts to listen to server-side events. (You can also listen to events which occur on remote nCombo servers - If they allow you of course)
  • Makes efficient use of caching (in release mode) - Restarting an nCombo server causes browsers to refresh their cache - So clients stay up to date
  • A Session object which uniquely identifies each client is appended to all requests - The session object can be manipulated to store data unique to each client
  • Session state is maintained accross all open tabs within a browser
  • A Global object can be used to store data that can be shared between all clients - It also gives you access to all connected clients and lets you selectively exchange data between them
  • Comes with all the standard middleware for session management, routing and the like - nCombo lets you add custom middleware to do tasks such as user authorization (such as controlling who has access to a file or server interface or who can listen to specific server events)
  • Makes use of all available CPU cores for maximum efficiency and concurrency (or you can optionally specify the number of workers to use)
  • Comes with default upload middleware and offers Valumn's uploader client-side - Creating an upload feature only takes a few lines of code
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