ndarray views of strings

npm install ndarray-string
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Turns a string into an ndarray


var ndstring = require("ndarray-string")

//Simple example:
var x = ndstring("foobar", [2,3])

//Prints out:
//  ["foo", "bar"]

//Can also do fancier stuff.  For example, here are all rotations of "banana"
var y = ndstring("bananabanana", [6,6], [1,1])

//Prints out:
//  [ 'banana', 'ananab', 'nanaba', 'anaban', 'nabana', 'abanan' ]


npm install ndstring


var ndstring = require("ndarray-string")

ndstring(str[, shape, stride, offset])

Constructs an ndarray view of str. The values of the ndarray are the full unicode code points of str. The resulting ndarray is a view of a 32 bit unsigned int typed array.

  • str is the string which gets turned into an ndarray
  • shape is the shape of the resulting ndarray
  • stride is the stride of the ndarray
  • offset is the offset

Returns An ndarray view of the code points of str


Turns an ndarray view of a string into an array of strings.

  • arr is an ndarray view of a string, for example created using the above method

Returns An array of native arrays of string with the same shape and stride as in the initial example.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License

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